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Age of Defenders

Presented By: Age of Defenders

Name: Age of Defenders

Description: Stage3D Not Supported at this time - Tower defense and offense strategy game. Defend your base against enemy raids and destroy your opponent. Dive deep into the mysterious campaign, or play multiplayer matches against friends or other warriors out there. Singleplayer story The world of the future is dependent on the mining of Rydan, a precious resource that mankind uses for teleportation. As the main hero, Joseph, you will get to know the world controlled by Rydan Corporation and will fight against the rebels just so you can earn some money and have a little fun with Jane, the love of your life! Multiplayer Prepare for the epic battles. It is no longer a dummy computer you need to defeat. It is other humans with different tactics, but the same goal – to survive and to conquer. Build up your defense out of various types of towers and protect strategically important places against enemy raids. Just don't forget about your attacks. Build factories, find out the weak spots in opponent defenses and attack those with ground or air units. Game features • Multiplayer mode – challenge players worldwide • Story-driven single-player campaign • 7 tower types for your protection • 6 unit types for conquering anybody who dares to stand against you • Charming graphics • Hand-drawn cutscenes with beautiful art style • Attractive post-apocalyptic setting • Atmospheric music • Amazing gameplay providing a lot of entertainment!

Instructions: GUI + Manual how to play Age of Defenders is available at All the new users need to pass first 4 single-player missions in order to be able to play multiplayer. This initial missions teach players to master the game logic & principles.

Keywords: multiplayer tower defense offense RTS TD

Views: 108


Rating: Teens and Up

Controls: Mouse and Keyboard

Game Ads: None

Highscore API: No Support

Downloads: 3


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