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Barbie The Diamond Castle

Presented By: Jocuri gratis - Jocuri 3D

Name: Barbie The Diamond Castle

Description: Barbie The Diamond Castle it's a game with eight differences in each level, that presents the fairy tale story with Barbie and Princess Alexa. These two girls are very good friend, so that they will pass along through both the joys and perils. The entire story will happen around The Diamond Castle, so that in some of the levels you will find Barbie, in others just Princess Alexa, in the rest of them you'll find both girls. Find eight differences in each level, they're will be also a hint button that will help you by suggesting three differences in each level. For each difference found you will get +250 points or you will lose 100 points for each click besides targets. Your maximum score on level could be 2000 points, but you can loose the game after four wrong clicks in a level, so you have to try hard to find almost 5 difference/level and three by hints to succeed in this story with Barbie and Alexa.

Instructions: Find 8 difference in each level and pass to the best adventure with Barbie and Alexa. You can use hints button to help yourself 3 times in each level.

Keywords: barbie differences diamond castle princess alexa

Views: 89


Rating: Teens and Up

Controls: Mouse

Game Ads: None

Highscore API: No API Highscores in game

Downloads: 11


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