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Escape Game Jail Prison Break

Presented By: Ajaz Games

Name: Escape Game Jail Prison Break

Description: This is your brain on far more than mere games people play, this is the greatest escape game, pick up on the smallest physical appearance and use those objects to get clues, use your higher brain functions to think deeply on how to solve the puzzles, here is just something that brings the best and worst in us, no matter which sport you play, there is generally a winner and loser but in this escape game there is only one winning, playing the escape game by breaking out lock, make the police officer to sleep and get the key from him, then escape to win your freedom.

Instructions: mouse interaction

Keywords: Ajaz escape games. Point and Click Games break. Escape Game Jail Prison Break Escape Game Jail Prison Break puzzle games escape games escape games online free escape games free online escape games free online games Free Online New Escape Games indoor games jail new escape games prison

Views: 81


Rating: Suitable for All Ages

Controls: Mouse

Game Ads: CPM Star

Highscore API: No Support

Downloads: 2


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